Adobe Creative Cloud coming to Chrome OS, starting with Photoshop

Christopher Park


Chrome OS is seen as an incomplete operating system because of the limitations for programs. Today, however, Adobe and Google announced a partnership to bring Adobe Creative Cloud to Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

One major weakness of Chrome OS was the inability to edit images and photos with powerful tools. The first beta will bring a streaming version of Photoshop to United States-based Adobe education customers with a paid CC subscription. This version of Photoshop requires an internet connection because it’s streaming from the cloud, but it’s integrated with Google Drive so that any changes you make will be saved.

Adobe Creative Cloud coming to Chrome OS, starting with Photoshop

According to Adobe’s information page, Project Photoshop Streaming can also be accessed from a Chrome browser, meaning that Adobe could bring the Creative Cloud suite through a browser in the future.

The requirements for submitting an application are strict, and while most people will find it hard to meet the requirements, it’s interesting to see Adobe and Google working together on this.

Source: Adobe | Google

Image Credit: Google For Education

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