Adobe’s big push makes the Creative Cloud more mobile

Ben Bowman


At today’s Adobe Max event, the company behind some of our favorite apps announced a massive push to mobile, bringing desktop aces to our handheld devices. Among the biggest bombshells: a full version of Photoshop for the iPad in 2019.

Inspiration you capture, assets you create and images you need - always at your fingertips.

The Adobe team emphasized that the iPad Photoshop is not some scaled-down version: it’s the full suite of all the traditional Photoshop tools, just made friendly for the tablet.

Another big announcement was the creation of Adobe Premiere Rush, a mobile video editing tool.

Premiere Rush will allow you to edit video and audio on the go, even adding titles to your project. Adobe emphasizes that the app was created with flexibility in mind, so you might start your project on your phone, make more edits on your iPad, and finish it on your desktop. (Or reverse the whole process if it suits you.)

Starting next year, you’ll also be able to get your hands on Project Gemini, a drawing and painting app that literally caused the Max audience to gasp. As demonstrated, you can use lots of different brushes that appear to lay down real paint. It even smudges as you push the brush around.

Unlike real paint, Project Gemini paint stays “wet” until you command it to “dry.” And yes, you can do watercolor, too.

The new Adobe Illustrator brings all kinds of cool features, including some sweet freeform gradients to make your artwork even smoother.


Adobe is also hyped about augmented reality, so they’re rolling out Project Aero, a way for creators to bring their AR ideas to life.

For app creators, Adobe is excited about the enhancements to its XD app. If you plan on developing apps or mobile websites, XD will make it easier. You can even add voice commands, which is how we know we’re living in the future.

Over two and a half hours at the Adobe Max keynote, we were treated to excellent enhancements to existing desktop Creative Cloud favorites, sweet-looking mobile versions of those classics, and exciting new tools for the media of the future. There’s never been a better time to be a creator.

Click here to see all the updates to the Creative Cloud apps. If you’d like to watch the full Adobe event from today, you can see it here:

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